Hi! I’m Mattea.

I’m from a little town in the south of England.

I’m a 26 year old travel blogger.

Throughout school and whilst doing my A Levels I worked whenever I could and managed to save quite a bit of money (stacking shelves, pulling pints, sitting on check-outs – you name it.). In November 2009, I’d reached my savings target and embarked on a trip of a lifetime with two friends. It was an incredible experience. I learnt how to manage finances, drive a camper-van (badly), respect the sea (after nearly drowning) and how to cook things other than beans on toast and pizza.

More importantly, it changed my whole outlook and well and truly solidified my passion to see as much as the world as possible. After 6 months, I came home to start and finish a degree in Music and Sound Technology. 3 years later, to my surprise I graduated with a 1st and decided took another 6 month break to venture out to other countries. During uni the urge to explore more countries never left….

I currently work full time in Marketing but try to get away to explore more of the world whenever I can.

At the moment, I live in the UK. In my spare time I play guitar in a band and write music.

You can follow my adventures here on Instagram.